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10 Essential tips for beginners

  1. Keep an open mind and remember we all started where you are now.

  2. Listen to your coaches, they know this can be overwhelming.

  3. Focus on the instruction at hand and don't get lost in the "what if".  Fundamentals are the key to success.

  4. Your safety and comfort are our top priority so please, let us know if there is something you're concerned about.

  5. Everyone you train with wants to help and see you succeed.

  6. Don't think you need to be "in shape" to begin, that will happen on its own with continued training.

  7. Set small achievable goals for yourself from class to class.  These are the steps to the top of the mountain.

  8. Take care of yourself. Proper nutrition and getting quality rest are essential for a healthy body and helps reduce injuries.

  9. Stretching after a class will help gain flexibility and also helps with injury prevention.

  10. HAVE FUN!  We all have different motives to train, but what we all have in common is that we love it.

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